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Don’t Mess Wid Meeee

Cody doesn’t not like people.  She’s fine around them as long as they don’t try to play with her, or make eye contact with her.  You leave her alone and she will happily ignore you.  Believe me, it’s best that way.

Her vet, Dr. M. has been treating my dogs since they were puppies, and he knows each dog’s personality, and he also knows my limitations.  So yesterday at our visit, he took Cody’s leash from me, gave it to the vet tech, and engaged me in conversation so that I would not fuss over the dog.  Before I knew it the vet tech. was petting Cody’s head!  I was so surprised, I just about dropped my drawers!

Once Cody became comfortable, he began palpating her abdomen in search for those elusive puppies.  She was fine, until the vet tech, who had been holding her snout shut, let go and tried to put on a muzzle.  Without hesitation, or any aforethought, Cody bit the man!

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