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Focus on the Beautiful

As summer draws to its inexorable close, I find myself yearning to make the most of what I have left, while trying not to regret the projects that got neglected along the way.

Today I headed out to the country, as I love to do, with my mom and Athena.  I had planned on taking pictures, training the dog, and making a short video on one of the obedience exercises that we’ve been working on.  I packed the car with water, leashes, treats, clicker, bowls, food for a picnic, and, oh yeah, the dog, and headed out.

It rained virtually the whole time we were there.  The rain let up long enough to let Athena go out to pee, and for all of us to stretch our legs (all 8 of them), and take a few pictures.  One is posted on Athena’s page.  Go to the link on the right of your screen under “pages” and click on “Athena,”  scroll down and you will see her sitting by a cut-stone wall.

It’s a lovely picture of her, I think, and it shows the beauty of having a dog that’s obedienced trained.  She’s in a beautiful public space and sitting quietly without a leash while I take the picture. 

Mom did a bit of shopping in prepartion for some houseguests whom we’re expecting next weekend.

As we headed home, I noticed a warning light flashing on my dashboard:  something’s the matter with my car’s electrical system.  I groan innwardly.  How many more “emergencies” am I to endure? 

Dusk catches us on the road, and I happen to notice the full moon, a huge luminous globe pale against the evening sky. It’s so beautiful I can’t stand it, and I stop the car to take a picture.  But, my Sony DSC-S930 cannot capture the image,  so I drive home watching the moon grow brighter as the velvet curtain of night falls at the close of another day.

 For a short time I forgot about the warning light on my dashboard and the vet bills that I will later have this month,  and give thanks that this day did not turn out bad at all.


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