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Puppy Chronicles–Day 6

Turbo Puppy

Turbo Puppy doing an Early Neurological Stimulation exercise–holding the puppy upright.


For the first time today I got accurate readings on the puppies’ weights.  It’s always been a struggle keeping the little squirmers in the basket on the scale.  The needle keeps jumping up and down and only stops when they settle briefly with a body part, usually their heads, hanging over the side.  I’m using a kitchen scale that’s been used to measure sugar and flour since before I was born!

It’s incredibly hot, and I worry about the puppies.  I think they will be more comfortable in the kennels outside:  those are concrete and cooler.  My bedroom is way too hot, even with the fans going.  We tried taking pictures of them today, but they were just so miserable.  Once their eyes open and their are mobile, I’ll move them to the kennels during the day so they’ll stay cool.

I noticed today that The Screamer’s ears are beginning to flop down while her siblings retain the tiny baby vulcan-like ears that they had at birth.  I know at some point the ears will stand up like a regular German Shepherd’s.

Early Stimulation exerciseGetting ready to invert Turbo Puppy–another of the Early Neurological Stimulation.  In this exercise the puppy is grasped firmly with both hands and held upside down.  Don’t worry, they are very well supported and held in that position for no more than three-five seconds.

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