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The Budding Opera Singer in my Family

Last night I listened to Mozart’s The Magic Flute.  I fell in love with that opera, and all of Mozart’s other operas, when I took a seminar on his works while pursuing graduate studies at Oberlin Conservatory.  This semester I plan on offering a module on The Magic Flute and its masonic symbolism, so as I prepared to write my lecture, I watched the opera.

Now, while I was inside working, my puppies Tuvok and Gretchen, were in the yard playing after their dinner.  As I reached the rage aria sung by the Queen of the Night, I heard Gretchen bark a quick, repeated-note bark just after the opera singer executed the fast repeated notes in the aria.  I thought it was a cute coincidence.

Then, I had to go back to play the aria again, and the dog did the same thing!  Now was that coincidence, or was the dog responding to the music she heard coming from the house?  This is the first time that puppies are hearing opera.  Maybe it was the high notes that intrigued her…maybe she’ll grow up to be an evil bitch like the Queen of the Night, who instructs her daughter to kill Sarastro, her father.


Another Theory Emerges About Mozart’s Death

Researchers have examined written accounts of statements made by Mozart’s contemporaries who were with the composer at the time of his death.  They now believe that Mozart died from complications with his kidneys brought on through a simple strep infection.

Read the account here.

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