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A New Year’s Resolution of Gratitude

On this day, January 1st 2010, I’m grateful that I could cross the threshold into a whole new year and new decade.  It was a long year, and one filled with many blessings. 

As the 2009 drew to its inexorable close, I realized that I hadn’t give much thought to New Years resolutions.  Those, for me, have gotten stale.  Yes, I stick with them for a week; by the end of February I’m feeling guilty because I haven’t followed through with them; by March I don’t even remember what the resolutions were! This year I chose to do something different:  I chose to live an “attitude of gratitude.”

During the midnight vigil at the Anglican church where I work as organist, the priest mentioned that we were the lucky ones, the chosen ones who by virtue of the fact that we were sitting through this service.  There were folks who sat in those very pews last year, but they didn’t live to see 2010.  His statement made me take stock of life’s fragility, and my own mortality.  We never know where we’ll end up.  We don’t know if we’ll even make it to 2011.

So, as I’m thinking about all the blessings I’ve received this past year, I resolve to be more grateful in 2010, and perhaps not complain as much as I did last year.

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