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Puppy Chronicles–Day 13

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I awakened very early this morning, like 2:00, and something told me to look over the side of my bed at the whelping box.  I did.  I only saw two puppies.  I sprang out of bed to investigate and found The Screamer curled up beside my bed, a tiny white dot on the floor.  How she got out of the whelping box remains a mystery!

Everyone’s eyes are at different stages of opening.  Turbo Puppy’s eyes are opened the most, followed by The Screamer.  Their eyes are blue, like all young puppies, but will darken very soon.

They continue to pull themselves up, and at some point I will put down a sheet in their whelping box to provide more traction.  I have refrained from doing that up till now because it is just so darn hot and the puppies seem to prefer lying on the bare wood or on their moistened towel.  A sheet will just trap more heat.  Still, the puppies need traction so they will learn to walk quickly.

For the first time since the puppies were born Cody played.  She picked up the lid of a plastic bucket, put her two front paws in it, and skated around the living room floor.  Then she removed the pomeranian’s food dish from her crate and decided to carry it around the house for a bit before depositing it briefly by my foot.  Now she has picked it up and carried to the whelping box.  She interrupts her play to check out her babies, who at this moment are sound asleep with full tummies.

I have stopped weighing the puppies because they are now too big to fit in the basket, and it is obvious to all that they are growing and thriving.

We have a few more days left of Early Neurological Stimulation, then the enrichment aspect of their upbringing begins.


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