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Puppy Chronicles–Day 3

The Three Muskateers
The Three Muskateers

The Three Muskateers, as I now call these puppies, each have their own personalities.  There’s puppy #1, the first whelped.  Her name’s The Screamer.  She came into the world screaming and she hasn’t shut up.  She’s driving me and Cody absolutely batty.  When she starts her performance, Cody looks at her with her famous head tilt as if to say, “Why are you crying, little one?”  Then, she looks at me as if to say, “What should I do?”  I call my  breeder friend, “What should I do?” I ask.  Yesterday, I swore this pup was hungry and not getting enough milk (read the account in Day 2); today I swore she was hot, and I turned out to be right! 

I got a face towel, doused it with cold tap water, squeezed out all of the water so that it was only damp, and placed The Screamer on it.  She stopped crying and went to sleep.  Not wanting her to get cold, I gently removed her from the towel.  Wouldn’t you know it, she started screaming once more.  So, I put her back.  She rolled off, but climbed right back on and went to sleep.  In think I may have found her “off” button!

Being the first puppy whelped, The Screamer felt it her duty to serve as the welcoming committee for each sibling.  She kept heading towards Cody’s tail, and I kept pulling her away.  After a while I gave up, and after each puppy’s arrival, Cody had to clean up the new puppy AND clean the fresh gunk that ended up on The Screamer.

Then there’s puppy #3.  That’s the black and gold pup whom I’ve called “Turbo Puppy.”  She rarely cries and only occasionally quietly fusses in the most polite way.  She finds her way to the milk jug all by herself  regardless of her orientation to The Source.  She has no problem knocking a sibling off a teat and taking over, but she does this in the nicest possible way.  I saw when her umbilical cord fell off today, and noticed that her siblings had lost theirs, too.

Little Darlin, the last to be whelped, got his name because he’s small and at first needed help finding the milk bar.  Every two hours, sometimes more often, I had to place him on the teats for a drink.  I feared that he would not make it there before dehydrating.   This puppy gets special attention from Cody.  She’ll pick him up and place him just so in the box, then she’ll spin around him before lying down so that he can nurse, usually with her back to him!  But, she figures it out and realize that she has to get up and try again, and this time she gets if right.

Now the sun has set on this the third day, and an eerie silence envelopes the house.  All three puppies have found their way to mother’s milk without any human help, and that shows great progress for one day.


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