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Puppy Chronicles–Day 38

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Of all my puppies, Little Darlin seems to be the most affectionate one.  He will actively seek me out, and climb on my legs for me to pick him up.  At this early age, I indulge him.  If he were an older puppy I would not encourage this by giving him attention, because it would encourage jumping.  At five weeks, however, I encourage puppies to seek out human affection.  So, I pick him up and cuddle him, and sometimes sing to him.  He loves to sleep in my arms.

Turbo Puppy is the most tenacious one.  She will sit at the baby gate and cry to be let out until either someone opens the door, or she falls asleep.  She will come and seek me out, too, but only after she realizes that no one will open the baby gate for her.

The Screamer seems the most independent of the three.  She has a mind of her own, and doesn’t mind running off to play with her toys.  She will play with me when I do engage her, but she will not elicit affection from me or anyone.

Of course these traits will probably change later this week or next.  The puppies change so rapidly, that just when I feel that a puppy exhibits the signs that I’m looking for in my next obedience dog, another puppy exhibits those signs later, too.   Of course, I love all my babies regardless of what qualities they possess, and I nurture them to be the best dogs later on.

I introduced them to the tippy board yesterday.  They investigated the board, but didn’t consciously climb on it.  They ran across it by accident when they chased each other around the living room, or fell onto it while wrestling.  The banging sound didn’t seem to bother them, nor did the wobbly-ness.  Tonight when I come home I’ll let them play one at a time on the board.  It is dangerous to allow the litter access to the board at the same time.  A puppy could get its paw crushed when another goes on the board and tips it.

The litter all decided at 5:00am that they wanted out of my bedroom, so they sat at the baby gate screaming.  It was too early in the morning to let them into the living room.  To pacify the puppies, Cody picked up “Froggie” the green from with the loud squeak and ran around my room squeaking it, hoping to distract her puppies.   Cody is one special dog!

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