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Puppy Chronicles–Day 42

Sunday, October 4, 2oo9

Puppies Day 42 007

“I’m NOT sure I really like this arrangement.  Where’s Mom?”







Cody spends less time with the puppies now; in fact, she spends her time avoiding them, but when she is in the same room with them, she “cows” them by biting their heads.  They all seek cover under the nearest piece of furniture when she does this.  I don’t know why she does it.  No one seems to know.  Most disturbing of all, when the puppies play rough she doesn’t intervene.

Now that the puppies’ teeth are in, and they are sharp, Cody has no interest in nursing.  It is amusing to watch the babies chasing after mom trying to grab hold of a nipple.  Cody makes the mistake of sitting down and they all latch on.  Then she feels the teeth, jumps up, and tries to beat a hasty retreat with the puppies still attached!

They spend a few hours in the kennel outside this morning, that is, until the clouds rolled in and the winds picked up.  A storm was definitely brewing, and I didn’t want to leave the puppies outside by themselves.  They didn’t like the idea of being outside, and screamed for a bit, then went to sleep.

I brought food outside for them and two puppies gobbled it down, by the time the other puppy realized that she was hungry, it was too late:  food was all gone.  

During the days they play in the living room when I’m home, but when there’s no one to watch them, they have a small pen where they go.  Mom doesn’t always stay with them, but I’ve noticed that they scream when they’ve gone potty in their space and need it cleaned up.  As soon as Cody cleans up, they are all happy once more.

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