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Puppy Chronicles–Day 16

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What a difference a few hours can make.  Work responsibilities and errands kept me away from the puppies for the greater part of today, but I couldn’t believe the puppies’ transformation since 7:00am. 

When I walked into the nursery tonight, the puppies all got up to greet me.  They walked on much steadier legs, though they can’t stay on all fours for very long yet.  Turbo Puppy decided she wanted out of the whelping box to greet me just like Cody.  Well, she got her front paws over the side, then fell head over heels and landed at my feet.  What a reception!

I bought more dog toys for the puppy room, including a cute pacifier made from soft vinyl with a quiet squeak.  Turbo Puppy and now Little Darlin are chewing the side of the whelping box–a sure sign that their teeth are coming through.  I plan on redirecting their chewing activities to the pacifier for now.  So far I haven’t been successful, yet I persist.

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