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My fossil puppy

Okay, so the vet thinks I miscalculated.  We took x-rays today and found the faint outline of one puppy inside of Cody (possibly two).  It was so faint, that it looked like a fossil.  At seven weeks the vet tells me that the puppies should have very clearly defined skeletons.  It looks like it’s too early yet.

I don’t know HOW I could make such a miscalculation.  She spent three days with her stud some 20 miles away, and once she came home had no access to any other dog. 

It seems that her due date is later than originally thought, which is great, because I have neither whelping box or kennel at this point.  At least we now know for sure that she’s really pregnant and not just exhibiting signs of a false pregnancy.

I hope with all my heart that there’s more than one puppy in there.  A singleton puppy is really difficult to raise because it grows up without ever interacting with pups its own age.  Consequently these pups never learn how to interact with other dogs and never learn how to “speak dog.”  So they sometimes have a hard time living in households with other dogs later on.

Next week, we take the pictures all over again….and hopefully fossil puppy will take on greater definition and his littermates will have materialized.

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