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Puppy Chronicles–Day 28

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I didn’t post anything yesterday.  Not that I had nothing to report, but I was just too tired after work to write, and I had to be up very early and on the road the next morning (this morning).  Sleep deprivation, alas, has caught up with me.  As I drove to work at 5:00am on the highway, sleep weighted my eyelids like anchors.  I fought to stay awake, and in the past have been able to resist the temptation, but this morning I fell asleep at the wheel and my car drifted into another lane.  Fortunately the car behind me wasn’t going very fast, and they blew their horn.  I woke up.

Being a dog breeder is a labor of love:  you HAVE to be passionate about the breed of dog that you are producing, and you MUST be willing to make sacrifices and pay the consequences.  It is hard work.  Yes, the dam takes care of the puppies, but you, the breeder are ultimately responsible for the pups’ and dam’s welfare.

I refuse to cut corners with my care of the dogs.  As long as I’m at home I continue to handle the pups and introduce them to new experiences.

The puppies played in the living room today with some new toys, including a box that I turned upside down for them to crawl into.   Turbo Puppy and Little Darlin immediately explored their new surroundings, while The Screamer remained in the place where I set her down.  Eventually she went off to explore and check out the new toys.

I didn’t appreciate just how tough kibble is until I tried grounding up some in the food processor.  The idea was to grind it till it was fine so that I could mix it in with the puppies’ cereal.  In the end I gave up, I managed to break it down some, but not to the fine consistency that I wanted.  Right now it soaks in the puppy replacement formula for their dinner.

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