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Musings as the year wanes

I am so very grateful to be approaching the end of a year. It was a good year, don’t get me wrong, but I’m eager to see what the new year will bring.  I sometimes feel scared to see whats around the corner because so many good things happened this year.  Was it a fluke?

As I look back on the year, I had very few disappointments.  I don’t even remember having any, so maybe they were insignificant, or perhaps my resiliance has allowed me to move on and forget.  Who knows?

The puppies are growing up fast, and I’m grateful to have these beautiful additions to my kennels.  Right now they are zonked out by the back door, plate of dinner untouched.  They usually eat in their kennels, but I let them eat in the house tonight.  Perhaps they’ll eat when they wake up.

Gretchen went out for training/socializing tonight and went for a long drive in the process.  She met a few people, barked at a few dogs, played with her brother and mother, and got further training at home with her brother.  That’s a big day for a little pup.

I’m grateful for the holidays.  I have a bit of work to finish before the holidays, but my work schedule is nothing like it was before.  I went to work very early this morning, but was home my midday, had lunch at home, for a change, read for a bit, then took a nap.

My music studio brings me a great deal of joy and satisfaction.  My students are awesome, every one of them.  I spend most of my energies there, encouraging and inspiring future leaders.

I am happy in my home here in Jamaica.  It’s always warm, and I’m grateful that I don’t have to walk my dogs in snow.  I’m grateful for the huge yard that allows my dogs plenty of space to run and play, and believe me, they love to do that.

Now the sun has long sunk below the horizon and I embrace tomorrow with all that it has to offer, knowing that “no man can steal my joy.”

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