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Puppy Chronicles–Day 46

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I did a session of clicker training this morning, but it didn’t go very well; The puppies were way too tired.  They had been in the house playing with mom then with their toys and each other for several hours, and by the time I cut up the treats, I realized that they were too tired.

While I was cutting up treats, however, Screamer jumped on me for some.  I waited until she had all “fours on the floor” then clicked and gave her treats.  She offered me a sit and I clicked and treated her for that.  She really enjoyed her session.

The second session in the night went much better.  Turbo Puppy and Screamer were most attentive; again, Little Darlin chose to explore on his own.  I didn’t force the issue because I know that when he’s ready he will participate.  One of the things I truly appreciate about operant conditioning  is that behaviors become strong when the animal offers it himself rather than being coerced.  So, I just let Little Darlin be a baby and explore as much as he wanted.  He has a lifetime ahead of him for formal training.

So far the lessons still consist of clicking and treating with the puppies as a group.   Beginning sometime on the weekend I’ll start working with them individually. Right now I’m  loading the clicker.  So far I haven’t noticed any sound sensitivity issues with the pups, and I’m really happy for that.  My pomeranians were afraid of the clicker and I had to use one with with a  muffled sound.  It was months before I could use the regular clicker with them.

There’s still so much that I want to do with the puppies before they leave for their new homes in two weeks’ time.  I feel as though I’m rushing against the clock.  Oh well…tomorrow is another day and another opportunity for these puppies to learn new things.

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