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Puppy Chronicles–Day 12

Friday, September 4, 2009

Screamer and Mom 2

The Screamer snuggles beside Mama






The Three Muskateers are too young for me to interact with them in any meaningful way, but I have developed a deep bond with them.  Maybe its because puppies are the epitome of helplessness; perhaps it’s because the puppies are out of my beloved Cody, and she cares deeply for the puppies.

Newborn puppies, I think, are the epitome of helplessness.  They cannot regulate their body temperature, but rely on their mothers to keep them warm (or their humans to keep them cool).  They can neither see nor hear.  They cannot even relieve themselves without their mother’s help.

Could it be at all possible that a dog’s dependence on others for their very survival shapes them to become man’s best friend? 

There’s nothing like a mother dog to teach us unconditional love.  There’s nothing like a newborn puppy to teach us empathy.


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