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Puppy Chronicles–Day 50

Monday, October 12, 2009

The puppies had their temperament test today.  I used the Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test.  It will be interesting to see what the puppies will grow up to be like in light of the test results.  Of the three puppies, two show the most promise at being obedience/working dogs, given the right and consistent training.

Speaking of training, since the puppies were born, and I’ve returned to work at my various jobs, I have had very little time for training.  Athena hasn’t been too interested in training these past few weeks, and it’s been hard working with her. 

The puppies, at this time, take much of my time because when I return home from work they get play time away from their pen and training/socializing.  That takes time because I work with the puppies as a group and individually.

They have been wearing their collars for a week now for a few hours each day, but they still have not grown accustomed to them.  They will romp and play then in the middle of frenzied activity, stop to scratch their necks.  I was hoping to attach a light-weight leash to their collars this week.  I may wait another day or two before I do this.

The puppies will receive their third and final dose of worm medicine from me later this evening.  I worm every two weeks, and by the time the next two weeks roll around, they will be living with their new families.  I was very happy to learn that the puppies were negative for worms at their last vet visit. 

One week after they go to their new homes, their humans will need to take them for their second course of vaccines and worming.  I shall miss the little mites, but I don’t have to cross that bridge yet, so I will not think about that.  There’s still lots more to do with them in the meantime.

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