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Puppy Chronicles–Day 29

Monday, September 21, 2009

The puppies went into their kennels with mom once more today.  I’d decided that they’d continue to stay in my house until they went to their new homes, but the kennel would be a fun place to hang out in the days for a few hours.  They explored every inch of the run, which has a combination of concrete and grass.  They loved lying on the grass and burying their noses in it.

Cody, however, did not like the kennel, especially when I left her.  She jumped the fence and appeared in my office with a very pleased look on her face.  By afternoon I brought everyone inside.  I’ll take them out again perhaps tomorrow if the sun still shines by the time I get home.

The Three Muskateers, who are now called The Fiends, are playing with their toys more.  Little Darlin dragged Mr. Moose again around the whelping box.  This morning I heard one of the puppies barking; actually, it was just two woofs.  I was in another room, so I didn’t get to see just who barked.

I’m off to give them their dinner now–homemade puppy replacement formula mixed with Gerber Baby Rice Cereal mixed with some ground beef. Yummy….


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