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Puppy Chronicles–Day 56

Monday, October 19, 2009

Puppies First Bath at 8 weeks 002

I do NOT find this in the least bit amusing.  You wait…I shall get back at you when you least expect it!

The puppies got their first bath today, and what an experience.  They groaned and grumbled and complained, but took the process in stride.  It never occurred to me that keeping white puppies clean could be so hard!

After each puppy got its bath, I toweled it dry, wrapped it in a dry towel and held it in my arms for a bit so that it would stop trembling from cold and fright.  They loved being held, though, especially when they got to lick my face and chew my ears.

This has been a journey indeed, and I have learned so much about raising dogs from birth and so much about myself in the process.  I have been very lucky to own a bitch that turned out to be an exemplary mother, had enough milk to feed her brood, and had an easy whelp.

So many things could have gone wrong, I know that, and I’m very grateful and give thanks to the Sustaining Infinite that all went well.  I am also very grateful to the people who helped me along the way.  To Dr. Matthew Brown, veterinarian at the JSPCA for his help and advice throughout Cody’s pregnancy and for being available should disaster strike during the whelping.  To Alston Miller, a fellow dog breeder, who allowed me to use his beautiful Sam as a stud and for his patience in answering my questions (in the first week of the puppies’ lives I was calling him virtually everday!).

I also thank all the visitors to this site who followed the growth and development of this beautiful litter, and who sent kind wishes and pearls of wisdom.

Lastly, to my Mom, without whose help this litter would NEVER have been possible in the first place!

The puppies are now eight weeks old and one will hopefully be going to her new home this evening.  This shall be my last entry in the Puppy Chronicles as I now turn my attention once more to training my adult dogs and the puppy that I will keep from this litter.

I shall keep updating the dog training link with articles, videos, and general accounts of my new puppy’s and adults’ training so stay tuned.

Puppy Chronicles–Day 44

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Puppies Day 44 016Turbo Puppy enjoys cuddle time with her human Grandma.






My cellphone has a really obnoxious ring, according to my students.  It’s loud, and whenever it rings during someone’s lesson, the poor child invariably jumps out of his skin.  Well, tonight while the puppies were polishing off Cody’s dinner, I placed the phone near to them and rang it from another phone.  The puppies lifted their heads momentarily from the trough, looked at the offending object, and went back to their meal.  It was clearly no big deal for them.  Tomorrow I’ll try banging a pot really hard.

The object of this exercise is to desensitize the puppies to loud sounds.  I am trying to prevent them from developing sound sensitivities later on. Once the puppies were finished eating, they went over to inspect the phone closely.  It quickly became evident to me that someone was devising a way to dismantle the phone, so I picked it up.

THe puppies wore collars today, and they did not seem to object one bit.  They scratched a bit, but basically ignored the collar and continued playing and eating. 

For the first time today, Cody had no access to the puppies.  I left them in the outdoor kennel while I was at work, and Cody stayed in the house.  There is always somone home to supervise, so the puppies were checked on frequently and fed during the day.  By mid afternoon they were brought back into the house where they spent the time in their indoor pend till I returned home.  That’s when they came into the house for more playtime.

Play is so important to these puppies.  It teaches them how to get along with other dogs, how to read body language, and develops their brains and burns off all that puppy energy.  It also encourages them to explore new objects without feeling fearful.  At six weeks these little ones are like sponges.

Puppy Chronicles–A Visit to the Vet

Monday, October 5, 2009

The puppies turn six weeks today and received their first vaccines.  Here are pictures from their visit. Enjoy!
Puppies Day 43 020Mommy, we don’t like this one bit.




Puppies Day 43 015





Look, I”m a big girl now.





Puppies Day 43 016





Ouch! My spleen.  Watch it, Buster!




Puppies Day 43 019





This isn’t so bad after all

Puppy Chronicles–Day 42

Sunday, October 4, 2oo9

Puppies Day 42 007

“I’m NOT sure I really like this arrangement.  Where’s Mom?”







Cody spends less time with the puppies now; in fact, she spends her time avoiding them, but when she is in the same room with them, she “cows” them by biting their heads.  They all seek cover under the nearest piece of furniture when she does this.  I don’t know why she does it.  No one seems to know.  Most disturbing of all, when the puppies play rough she doesn’t intervene.

Now that the puppies’ teeth are in, and they are sharp, Cody has no interest in nursing.  It is amusing to watch the babies chasing after mom trying to grab hold of a nipple.  Cody makes the mistake of sitting down and they all latch on.  Then she feels the teeth, jumps up, and tries to beat a hasty retreat with the puppies still attached!

They spend a few hours in the kennel outside this morning, that is, until the clouds rolled in and the winds picked up.  A storm was definitely brewing, and I didn’t want to leave the puppies outside by themselves.  They didn’t like the idea of being outside, and screamed for a bit, then went to sleep.

I brought food outside for them and two puppies gobbled it down, by the time the other puppy realized that she was hungry, it was too late:  food was all gone.  

During the days they play in the living room when I’m home, but when there’s no one to watch them, they have a small pen where they go.  Mom doesn’t always stay with them, but I’ve noticed that they scream when they’ve gone potty in their space and need it cleaned up.  As soon as Cody cleans up, they are all happy once more.

Puppy Chronicles–Pictures from Day 38

Puppies Day 38 001Turbo Puppy assesses the situation in the living room.  All three puppies got play time in the living room, complete with a new toy–a big box to crawl into.



Puppies Day 38 002






“Now, hold still while I clean this spot”–Cody.

Little Darlin gets cleaned up by Mommy.



Puppies Day 38 009





“I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I may incrimminate myself!”

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