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Puppy Chronicles–Day 9

My babies are all doing well today, but I wish I could say the same about myself.  I was all spazzed out, and don’t know why.  Although I had lots to do, and got organized, I sat at my desk and couldn’t concentrate on one activity for very long.  Consequently I spent the morning making phone calls, editing a bit of writing, calling students, talking to parents, researching materials for my classes–jumping from one activity to the next. 

By afternoon I settled down to a bit of writing, but even that was a bit chaotic.  Of course they say that creativity is born of chaos.  Actually I think that’s just me saying that to feel better.

Last night I swore I heard The Screamer barking in her sleep.  I heard these funny noises coming from my bedroom, and when I checked, sure enough she was fast asleep, making her baby bark sounds and moving her limbs.  So cute.

I saw the puppies try to scratch today, too.  Those little back legs pumping through the air, not making contact with skin.  Today they were content, sleeping and nursing with just an occasional squeak.

It’s 9:50pm, and I’m off to do Early Neurological Stimulation with the puppies.  I have no pictures to post today…perhaps tomorrow when my brain’s in functioning mode.

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